Henchman Story: A Brief History

I first conceived of Henchman Story back in 2016, shortly after I decided to move to Seattle from Madison, WI. While downsizing my possessions in preparation to move into a micro-apartment on Capitol Hill, I pieced together the core concept of the game, and by the time I completed my cross-country road trip, I felt ready to put it to paper. However, financial realities and alluring opportunities put it on the shelf, where it stayed for years.

Some early art from 2016. Dave's sprite was one of the first that Simon Adventure fleshed out.

Since then I’ve worked on a lot of great projects - The Outer Worlds, Lone Echo, ARK: Survival Evolved - and worked alongside a myriad of wonderful and talented people. I’ve grown as a writer, developer and a person by leaps and bounds, and wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. Yet every now and then, I would open up that script file or catch myself staring at Simon Adventure’s first batch of superb character sprites and think, “One day, I really have to see this thing through.”

At last, that day has arrived, or at least the first step towards it.

A screenshot from the completed demo, released four years later.

After years of keeping it to myself, a handful of talented collaborators and some very understanding supporters, Henchman Story has finally been revealed to the world. I hope you’ll follow me along for this journey, and of course, I hope you enjoy the game!

- Marc Soskin, Writer and Game Director

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